Our Vision

Social Element is a startup, non-governmental (NGO) and nonprofit organization, that aims for the development of a sustainable society through the improvement of human capital, health and the environment. Social Element was founded by a group of people who believe that societies would improve only if all and each one of us put people and common welfare in the centre of all of our actions.

Our mission-driven team realised that all multi-dimensional problems that our fast changing and ultimately demanding environment create, could only be tackled if we fund, invest and implement solutions that would protect and promote social cohesion, health care and environment awareness.


Exploring new trends and challenges to social cohesion and social policy

Exploring new trends and challenges to social cohesion and social policy


Our team comprised by experienced individuals that have developed, design and collaborated in various projects regarding Volunteerism, social and community development programs, in various aspects of health care, emotional intelligence and organisational culture in different NGOs, groups and businesses.

Our team comprised by experienced individuals that cover a wide spectrum of different disciplines such as social workers, psychologist and health personnel. Our academic background and our expertise equipped us with strong knowledge on decision making matters, strategic management and planning, community development, social support and business administration.


Social Element welcomes any ideas for cooperation by any other individual or organisation. Driving change is not something we can do alone!

Creating Social Value

We believe that Innovation, Social Cohesion, Social Circular Economy and Volunteerism are the core principles of a sustainable society. Notwithstanding, it is our understanding that pursuing innovation and ultimately a social circular economy requires not only a strong will to accomplish a shift in today’s mainstream world, but also the right human and technical resources.

Having that in mind, we tailored our socially oriented activities to be directly tied with the ultimate goal of creating social value by addressing a number of critical societal problems; to introduce a new ‘mainstream’. Further, our team is constantly looking for ways our organisation can do better, be better and become better for all. In doing so, it is to be reassured that our organisation has little or no intention to gain personal profit from bettering our society.